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Sixteen Months and Counting

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Sixteen months ago, I left my corporate job. I made The Escape. It was time. Mostly, I’ve rested. I’ve allowed myself not to worry so much. I’ve avoided deadlines like the plague. This has been a precious gift of time. I’ve been able to spend more time with family and friends. And like my friend [...]

Sunflowers and the Dunning–Kruger Effect

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If we were sunflowers, would we see ourselves as glorious and radiant? Or would we be a sad drooping mess? Self-perception is a tricky business. Twenty years ago, psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger were studying how people estimate their own levels of competence. They concluded that incompetent people tend not to recognize their own [...]

When Expectations Meet the Beach

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I visited one of my favorite Lake Michigan beaches, Esch Road Beach, in mid July. I like to walk along this beach in the early morning before the throngs of people arrive. To the north of the bay one can see the Empire Bluffs rising 200 feet from the waves below. To the south, Point [...]

Peaceful Moments

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Summer Solstice 2019 is now history. That evening at sunset ( the very late sunset) I was sitting by the shore of Glen Lake gazing at the fabulous sunset appearing in the sky over the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. The glow of the sky. The reflection in the water. The fresh stillness of the air. [...]

Bad Times, Good Times

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On most days, the Ohio River does not flow through the streets of downtown Marietta, Ohio. However, this city does have a history of flooding in extreme weather situations. The last major flood was in 2004 when the Ohio Valley was hit by the heavy rains of Hurricane Ivan. There are several markers on downtown [...]

Mitigating the Winter Doldrums

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Winters can be long. Sometimes really long. There’s comes a time when most Northerners are just done with the shortage of daylight and the inconvenience of wintery weather. Those who can, head out for warmer and sunnier climates. Others huddle by sun lamps. Most get more grumpy. More often than not, the top two photos [...]

Where’s Your Community?

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Woodstock, Illinois is a picturesque town some 60 miles northwest of Chicago. It is best known as the location for the film “Groundhog Day”. I enjoy visiting this lovely town. Recently, the McHenry County Historical Society hosted a heritage quilt show at the local Opera House. The quilts shown were between 80 and 150 years [...]