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Full Value Living

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In the past year, I purchased a long-arm quilting machine. A quilt is usually comprised of 3 layers: the pieced top, the middle cotton or wool batting and the fabric backing. This machine will sew the three layers of a quilt together. I am enjoying learning to operate this machine. Here is a photo of [...]

Peaceful Moments

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Summer Solstice 2019 is now history. That evening at sunset ( the very late sunset) I was sitting by the shore of Glen Lake gazing at the fabulous sunset appearing in the sky over the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. The glow of the sky. The reflection in the water. The fresh stillness of the air. [...]

Lessons Learned This Year

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A new year is almost upon us. Time to start making those New Year’s Resolutions … right? Well, maybe not so fast. Consider first making a list of “Lessons Learned This Year.” Think about what you have learned this year… about yourself – maybe previously unrecognized strengths or talents … about your dreams … about [...]

The Things We Love

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What are the things that you love? Here are some photos of what I love: I love my family and friends. I love nature, especially the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes area. I love sharing – this photo was taken in Haiti with Eduardo whom we are helping with his educational expenses. I love gardening. I love [...]

Dashboard Data & Measuring Ourselves

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Dashboard Data & Measuring Ourselves This morning I was driving to work along a local parkway, listening to WGN and going with the traffic flow. I happened to look down at my speedometer and gasped – I was going 77 in a 40 mph zone. What’s worse was that EVERYONE was doing the same speed. [...]