Begin with Joy

I always enjoy reading pithy book jacket bios that read something like:

Linda lives in Outer Mongolia surrounded by a herd of yaks. She spends her time devoted to yurt interior design when not writing her next bestseller.

Alas, I have never been to Mongolia.

My story more resembles a play with 4 Acts and this would be the outline:

Act 1: Arrival

  • Nurtured by a loving family.
  • Decided at age 13 to become a lawyer.
  • Spent the next 12 years proving a multitude of skeptics wrong and earned a law degree.

Act 2: Survival

  • Married college sweetheart.
  • Raised 2 children (they are the joy of my heart).
  • Corporate regulatory work in Chicago with a mix of satisfying church and community involvement.
  • Game Plan: Do it all by having it all-together.


  • Hit the wall.
  • Realized that I could never be Super-woman, but that I really wanted to be Happy Person.

Act 3: Discovery

  • Investigated what activities engaged me and what brought me delight and joy.
  • Learned the importance of connecting with supportive people.
  • Light bulb moment: decision to pursue life coaching.

Act 4: Joyful Homecoming to My True Self

  • Coaching people who seek assistance in discovering the life path that will fill them with satisfaction and well-being.
  • Considering a trip to Mongolia.
  • Choosing to spend my time with those I love and doing what fills me with a sense of well-being. And this is how each day I begin with joy.