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Sixteen Months and Counting

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Sixteen months ago, I left my corporate job. I made The Escape. It was time. Mostly, I’ve rested. I’ve allowed myself not to worry so much. I’ve avoided deadlines like the plague. This has been a precious gift of time. I’ve been able to spend more time with family and friends. And like my friend [...]

Mitigating the Winter Doldrums

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Winters can be long. Sometimes really long. There’s comes a time when most Northerners are just done with the shortage of daylight and the inconvenience of wintery weather. Those who can, head out for warmer and sunnier climates. Others huddle by sun lamps. Most get more grumpy. More often than not, the top two photos [...]

Finding Your Ikigai

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Ikigai is a Japanese word that translates to “a sense of life” or “a reason for being” or “a reason for living.” For some this means following your passions. However, it’s deeper than simply following what lights you up. It is a healthy passion that gets you going every morning. Your Ikigai must be sustainable. [...]

Clutter Cleanse

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When searching for truth and wisdom, many seek to study with sages. Some will seek solitude and contemplate the universe. I, on the other hand, am likely to just twist open a bottle of a Diet Peach Snapple. Under each bottle cap is a “Real Fact”. I find them interesting. Recently, I chanced upon “Real [...]


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Leon Logothetis is an interesting guy He was a London stockbroker who traded in his prosperous life for a life of adventure. In 2014 Leon traveled around the world riding on a vintage yellow motorcycle. With no money…. None. … Relying on the kindness of strangers for gasoline, food and lodging. His premise was that [...]

Jingled or Jangled?

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Another holiday season has passed. How did it go? Were you in a Seasonal State of Bliss? Or did you feel more like this? I’m amused by this depiction of a grumpy cat that has had enough and has become a feline Grinch. Maybe, 2016 left you drained and exhausted because you tried to: Do [...]

The Fabric of Memory

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While attending a quilting retreat last month in Cody, Wyoming, I was introduced to the recently published book, The Fabric of Memory. It’s a great story. The Textile Artists of Greater Yellowstone decided to take on a design project featuring the experiences of Japanese-Americans interred at The Heart Mountain Relocation Center during 1942 – 1945. After [...]

Finding a Pleasing Balance

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I am making a patchwork Christmas quilt. The pattern is “Piece by Piece”, designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio located in Oak Park, Illinois. This project requires that I cut and stitch together 1084 pieces from 47 different printed fabrics. This will take a while – probably 60 hours or [...]

Looking for Love

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Living with joy starts from within. Each of us is enough. Our lives have value with or without life partners. To a large extent, you get to choose how you wish to live. Some of us wish to live with spouses, life partners, etc. And if we don’t have them, how do we find them? [...]

Put Your Money Where Your Joy Is

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I derive great pleasure from charitable giving. Knowing that my relatively modest gifts make a difference in other people’s lives is gratifying. There are thousands and thousands of charities needing support. It’s just a matter of finding one that speaks to your heart. My heart is drawn to sponsoring children in need. Through organizations such [...]