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Peaceful Moments

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Summer Solstice 2019 is now history. That evening at sunset ( the very late sunset) I was sitting by the shore of Glen Lake gazing at the fabulous sunset appearing in the sky over the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.

The glow of the sky.

The reflection in the water.

The fresh stillness of the air.

The cessation of the sounds of motor boats, now all safely moored for the night.

The calmness of the lake.



Peaceful moments. Such a treasure.

But in this case, where was the peace?

I would suggest that peace does not exist in nature. Nature is nature – always in a dynamic state.

The sense of peace is a human experience. Even in the idyllic moment described above, storms were brewing, animals were digesting other animals, micro-animals were engaged in epic struggles for life.

Rather, a sense of peace is a human reaction entirely formed by our thoughts.

Certainly, faced with such beauty as this solstice sunset, it is easy for our minds to conjure up a sense of peace.

However, we can create a sense a peace within ourselves no matter the external circumstances.

For example, Victor Frankl experienced peace while confined to a concentration camp. Others have experienced peace while suffering terminal diseases.

Prayer and meditation can be pathways to achieving peaceful moments.

When we focus on banishing painful and limiting thoughts and open ourselves to the true beauty of this Gift of Life …

When we accept that our lives are precious …

When we realize that we indeed are good enough …

Then we are able to breathe in the peacefulness of the moment.

Peace. Joy. Contentment.

It is yours. Breathe it in. Accept it. Now.