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In the past year, I purchased a long-arm quilting machine. A quilt is usually comprised of 3 layers: the pieced top, the middle cotton or wool batting and the fabric backing. This machine will sew the three layers of a quilt together. I am enjoying learning to operate this machine.

Here is a photo of my long-arm quilting machine with the my latest quilting project.

Because I wish to continually improve my skills, I take classes whenever I can. It’s a process. So I was a student in a long-arm quilting class this past month taught by the very talented Susan Manry. (You can check out her work at

There was a wide range of skill sets among the students. Some were hobbyists. Others were professional quilters who machine quilt for others who only piece their quilt tops. There are not that many quilters left who sit around a quilting frame and hand stitch the quilt. Well, other than the Amish.

Susan Manry is an excellent teacher. She provided loads of valuable information. I took a lot of notes. But she made one particular statement which really stuck with me. Susan said:

“Don’t devalue your work.”

Susan encouraged those who were starting their machine quilting business to charge what their quilting services were really worth. There is a tendency to undercharge out of fear that people won’t pay what your services are really worth. If anyone complains that your prices are too high, just smile politely and stick to your prices.

This was invaluable small business start up advice. But I also see this as excellent personal advice.

How many times do you devalue your contributions to employment, social and relationship situations?

Here are some limiting thoughts that devalue oneself:

  • No one will buy anything I make.
  • I’ll never be any better than I am now.
  • Polly Perfect will always be better than me.
  • I’ll never be good enough.
  • It’s not worth trying as I’ll just fail.
  • There’s no one out there who will cherish me.
  • No one will pay for what my time’s really worth.
  • I’m nothing special.

Maybe these some of these thoughts sound familiar?

Most of us have some variation bouncing around in our heads.

These limiting thoughts are not helpful. These limiting thoughts are almost never true. These limiting thoughts keep you small. They imprison you with fear. And keep in mind – these are only thoughts – they are not real – they just pretend to be real.

So maybe, you’d like to make a change. Keep reading. Time for some truth.

Each one of us is wondrously unique. Yes, you are special. Do not settle for less than you are worth. And remember that you are priceless!

Each one of us was put on this earth for a purpose.

Find your purpose and you will find your joy.

Find your joy and you will understand your value.

This applies to everyone – no matter your age, no matter your paycheck, no matter your circumstances. No exceptions.

Find your purpose, find your joy, embrace your true value and then – live your life to the fullest.