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Finding Inner Peace

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Do you have everything you need? A pleasant home? A decent income? A fairly stable family life? A hobby or two? Some friends, maybe even good friends? Is this enough? How about your spirit? Your soul? Does your spirit seem to long for more? Perhaps, this is the year that you get serious about feeding [...]

Living with Dazzle

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What a special memory. I watched these 5 year-olds express wonder and excitement at the beginning of the 4th of July fireworks over Glen Lake, Michigan. They were dazzled by the display. Hopefully, the beginning of a life time of dazzling experiences. I got to thinking about the word “dazzle”. Like the fireworks above, it [...]

Get Hygge!

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Want to be happy? Consider asking a Dane. Afterall, Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. And these very happy people have a practice for surviving their long, cold winters. They call it “hygge” (pronounced HOO-GUH). What is hygge? According to Visit Denmark, hygge is “a feeling, an experience, a sensation. [...]

Selling Joy

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This holiday season I’ve observed the word “joy” appearing on all kinds of products. These photos show “Joy” printed on coffee cups, paper napkins, facial tissue boxes and ads for magazine subscriptions. Looks like folks are buying a lot of joy. The New World Dictionary defines Joy as “a very glad feeling; happiness; great pleasure; [...]

Be a Difference Maker

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Are you a Difference Maker? Naturally, I’m referring to positive differences. How do you make a difference in other peoples’ lives on a daily basis? Will your life’s legacy be one of making positive differences? I believe that taking positive actions infuses the world with more joy. And who can’t handle more joy? If you [...]