Begin with Joy

Linda Hickok

Victimhood: The Thief of Joy

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Do you know anyone who: Really wants people who have hurt them to acknowledge the grave injustice done to them? Believes that they treat other people much better than they are treated? When they feel hurt by others, especially family and friends, must make sure that they are understood to be the party in the [...]

Navigational Tools for Troubled Times

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Just because the world appears unsafe and unpredictable, does not mean that consequently, we cannot navigate these troubled times. We have these navigational tools. Faith Hope Courage Serenity Harmony Love Peace Unlike toilet paper and hand sanitizer, these tools may not be purchased online and delivered to our doorstep. They are manufactured on our own [...]

What is Essential?

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Remember Zoltar? Back in the day, Zoltar was to be found in arcades and other amusement places. Insert your coins, Zoltar would shuffle his cards and your printed fortune would emerge from the bottom left slot. No more worries. Zoltar had provided clear direction for your future. Alas, there is no Zoltar to give guidance [...]

Light the Darkness

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Earlier this month I was hiking a nearby trail. The day was sunny and I needed to get out of the house. The state was not yet on quasi-lockdown but the few fellow hikers were keeping a responsible distance. In northern Illinois, the snow has melted but the trees are still barren. One can describe [...]

Finding Inner Peace

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Do you have everything you need? A pleasant home? A decent income? A fairly stable family life? A hobby or two? Some friends, maybe even good friends? Is this enough? How about your spirit? Your soul? Does your spirit seem to long for more? Perhaps, this is the year that you get serious about feeding [...]

Reclaim Civility!

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Am I the only one missing the experience of civility and politeness in everyday life? Civility … does anyone even know what that means? To refresh, civility comes from the Latin for citizen and means civilized conduct or polite act or expression. The definition implies that it is the responsibility of all citizens to act [...]

Sixteen Months and Counting

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Sixteen months ago, I left my corporate job. I made The Escape. It was time. Mostly, I’ve rested. I’ve allowed myself not to worry so much. I’ve avoided deadlines like the plague. This has been a precious gift of time. I’ve been able to spend more time with family and friends. And like my friend [...]