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Is It True?

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Halloween has become the second most lucrative holiday for retailers; the first being Christmas. It seems that folks are attracted to scary things – haunted houses, ghosts, witches… Perhaps, these are “safe” fears. We scream, we laugh, we move on. Halloween stuff is not real.

Everyday fears and phobias are harder to laugh off.

One can view the Top 100 Phobia List on Here are some of them:

# 33. Metathesiophobia – the fear of change
# 9 Aerophobia – the fear of flying
# 6 Astraphobia – the fear of thunder and lightening
# 3 Acrophobia – the fear of heights
And #1 Arachnophobia – the fear of spiders.

Phobias are heightened fears. But what about our day to day fears? Not the disabling phobias, but those fears that keep us from living our lives as we’d like. Fears such as:

  • I’ll never find a better job than my current life force sucking one.
  • I am stuck with my current unsatisfying relationship as I’ll never be able to attract a true soulmate.
  • If I shared my true beliefs and opinions with my friends, they would all desert me.

When dealing with these types of inhibiting fears, stop and ask this simple question: IS IT TRUE?

  • Is it true that there will never, ever be a better job for you? Employment that will engage your talents and bring self-satisfaction?
  • Is it true that there is no one in this world that can cherish you to the degree that you deserve?
  • Is it true that if you were to express your authentic political, religious or other beliefs that your friends would drop you in a New York Second?

Is it true? Are you absolutely sure? If not, what is true?

Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of isolation – these keep us stuck in situations. Identifying and challenging these fears is the first step to jump starting our lives onto paths that bring a sense of well-being and joy.

Having fears is part of being human. It’s how we are wired.

However, in most cases our fearful thoughts are rarely based on truth.

  • Of course, there are other fulfilling jobs that you can find.
  • Of course, you don’t have to settle for a non-supportive relationship. You are worthy to be loved and cherished.
  • Of course, you can speak your truth with your friends. And if they do abandon you, then good to know – they weren’t your friends in the first place. Their absence frees up space in your life to seek out rewarding and honest friendships.

Perhaps it’s time to look beyond the manufactured fears of Halloween and confront our own fearful thoughts.

Challenge your limiting fearful thoughts – are they true? Cast the lies aside and discover the freedom to live life as you were meant to live.